Zagreb east (25)

Apartment Maksimir, 44m2
Apartment Maksimir, 44m2
Apartment Maksimir, 44m2
House Donja Dubrava, Da, 80m2
Apartment Maksimir, 101,09m2
Apartment Maksimir, 87,55m2
Apartment Maksimir, 69,35m2
Apartment Maksimir, 83,97m2
Apartment Maksimir, 137m2
Apartment Oporovec, Gornja Dubrava, 55,92m2
House Donja Dubrava, 160m2
House Kozari, Peščenica - Žitnjak, 192m2
Plot Novoselec, Gornja Dubrava, Da, 606m2
Apartment Čulinec, Donja Dubrava, 200m2
Apartment Gornja Dubrava, 37,10m2
House Gornja Dubrava, 190m2
Plot Granešina, Gornja Dubrava, Da, 1.156m2
Plot Granešina, Gornja Dubrava, 514m2
Apartment Srebrnjak, Maksimir, 100m2
Plot Remete, Maksimir, 3.560m2
House Čučerje, Gornja Dubrava, Da, 680m2
Plot Trnava, Donja Dubrava, 575m2
Plot Oporovec, Gornja Dubrava, 643m2
Plot Čugovec, Gornja Dubrava, 625m2
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