House (136)

€80.000(602.760 kn)
House Pirovac, Da, 90m2
€1.150.000(8.664.675 kn)
House Vir, Da, 121m2
€495.000(3.729.577 kn)
House Tisno, Da, 120m2
€225.000(1.695.262 kn)
House Slivnica, Posedarje, Da, 130m2
€250.000(1.883.625 kn)
House Brestje, Sesvete, 260m2
€450.000(3.390.525 kn)
House Gornja Dubrava, 190m2
€280.000(2.109.660 kn)
House Centar, Velika Gorica, 260m2
€450.000(3.390.525 kn)
House Kajzerica, Novi Zagreb - Zapad, 155m2
€355.000(2.674.747 kn)
House Strmec, Sveta Nedelja, 156m2
€620.000(4.671.390 kn)
House Vir, Da, 170m2
€180.000(1.356.210 kn)
House Vir, Da, 43m2
€290.000(2.185.005 kn)
Švarča, Karlovac, stable, well-designed detached family house
A beautifully designed house for sale in the Švarča...
€208.000(1.567.176 kn)
House Vir, Da, 145m2
€201.000(1.514.434 kn)
House Čižići, Dobrinj, 90m2
€150.000(1.130.175 kn)
House Tribanj, Starigrad, Da, 108m2
€125.000(941.812 kn)
House Obrovac, Da, 110m2
€365.000(2.750.092 kn)
House Matulji, 347m2
€760.000(5.726.220 kn)
House Vir, Da, 270m2
€263.000(1.981.573 kn)
House Kakma, Polača, Da, 217,99m2
€120.000(904.140 kn)
House Josipdol, 256m2
CROATIA - Ogulin 13 km, family estate with a well-established...
€750.000(5.650.875 kn)
House Novi Vinodolski, 500m2
€280.000(2.109.660 kn)
House Sabunike, Privlaka, Da, 136m2
€650.000(4.897.425 kn)
House Rasopasno, Dobrinj, 193m2
€515.000(3.880.267 kn)
CROATIA - Lovran House 196 m2, garden 604 m2, for sale!
CROATIA- Lovran-Oprić we offer a three-storey semi-detached...
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